The foundation of all our luxury caskets is solid American Cherry and Maple wood, utilized for centuries by gilders and artisans as the ideal platform for the delicate gilding process. All intricate designs are meticulously handcrafted and applied individually by our master craftsmen using traditional tools.

Each luxury casket is hand gilded in the highest quality 24 Karat gold. The gold finish is then painstakingly polished by hand, resulting in a beautiful natural patina. Our master gilders bestow each piece with passion, creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

Interior trim is executed in the highest quality velvet that compliments each luxury casket's unique design.

Due to the living nature of wood and the radiant quality of pure 24 Karat gold, no two luxury caskets can ever be exactly alike. Each casket requires hundreds of hours of hand craftsmanship to complete, and every creation stands as a unique work of art.

All our luxury golden caskets are crafted entirely in the USA.


Creators of Exquisite 24 Karat Gold Luxury Caskets

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